Cache memory is a part of main memory(primary memory).It is used in modern high-speed CPU to hold temporarily those portion of contents of main memory which are currently in use.Cache memory is integrated directly within CPU chip or placed on a separate chip that has bus interconnected with CPU.

It is faster memory among all 3 computer memories and has least capacity(around 2 MB to 12 MB). It reduces accessing time as when a user wants to get a part of data cache sends the copied data instead of Main memory.


Level 1: Fastest among all built in inside the processor

Level 2: Can be inside the processor or near to processor on a separate Integrated circuit connected with a bus so that processor can  access cache fast

Level 3: It is separate memory having double speed than RAM but it is shared with all the cores of a processor

Why is cache required?

The Processor has to use much instruction and have to read/write much data.The frequently used data is stored in cache memory so that when a processor needs to execute some instruction it will make the process faster as the processor will fetch the required data from the cache instead of RAM if the data is present in cache otherwise it will take from the Random access memory.


  • It helps the processor to work fast
  • It can not be upgraded afterward

Cache Latency?

If the required file is not present in the cache so in this case the processor process is delayed and this delay in a process is known as Cache latency.

Cache in Android?

It is temporary data stored in your device memory by an application.It is stored temporarily in your device hard drive so that when you visit same application again your data is not consumed and the process becomes faster.

You can also clear the cache files in your android device

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