Internet is divided into 3 sections

Surface web

  • This is the normal internet we use.Almost all internet users this internet.
  • It can be accessed without permission from any part of the world.
  • All google searches are a part of surface web.
  • It is publicly available.
  • surface web is only 5 percent of total internet.

Deep web

  • online cloud storage comes under deep web eg-google drive
  • All databases stored in servers are part of deep web
  • Not indexed in  search engines
  • Require specific URL and permission to access the website
  • Not publicly available till user shares the details
  • 94 percent of internet is deep web

Dark Web

  • Dark web is illegal to use
  • All illegal things like drugs,arms trading etc done on dark web
  • Not indexed in  search engines
  • Require a special browser like TOR
  • Don’t use dark web as it is completely illegal

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