Guide to some of Programming languages ?

Complete Guide To Perl, PHP, and Python?

These are very popular programming language each with its own advantage and disadvantages.I am publishing this article so that the people will get a brief guide to these languages and it will be helpful for them who wants to learn these languages


Perl is a general purpose language, high-level dynamic programming language.currently, the popular version is Perl 5.It is derived from different languages like c.

It is useful for web development, system administration, network programming and game development.


  • In Perl, there are many ways to do the same thing
  • It is portable and available for all platforms
  • since Perl is very old language it has vast community support
  • Perl code is very short and there is a whole set of one line code available
  • It is very good at handling regular expression
  • Perl CPAN(¬†Comprehensive Perl Archive Network) provides a huge number of modules and tested code most of which are completely free
  • It should be used depending upon the use case.It can be used as a functional language, sometimes object oriented, Procedural.It depends on programmer how to use


  • Since its syntax is complex sometimes new programmers find it difficult to understand it, because the same code can be written in many different ways
  • It has poor documentation for object oriented approach compared to Python
  • It is slow as compared to other scripting languages

Popular Frameworks and Popularity

  • Through Perl is old language, its growth has been slow compared to some other languages
  • Catalyst, dancer, and mojolicious are some of the popular frameworks

Basic Syntax


Print “hello programmers”;

File extension is  .pl


PHP(PHP Hypertext Preprocessor)

It is also General purpose language but it is mainly used for web development.It is server side scripting language very popular for back end web development compared to other languages.Used by some big companies like Facebook, YouTube, google etc.

The latest version is 7.1


  • Most people prefer PHP when it comes creating dynamic web pages because it is easier to set local host and most of Web Hosting providers offer to build in PHP support
  • It is easy to use.The syntax is almost similar as that of c language.Anyone can adopt it
  • There are lot of frameworks available for PHP and has good community support
  • It is stable
  • code maintenance is quick
  • Has strong database support


  • Some libraries written in PHP are procedural, so it is difficult for programmers from object oriented background
  • Since it is open source security is the main challenge.As code is available to all hackers can easily find weakness in code
  • Its error handling capabilities are poor

Popular Frameworks and Popularity

  • PHP is still very popular and one of the top language used by web developers to create dynamic websites
  • Laravel, Symfony, cakePHP are some of the popular frameworks

Basic Syntax

<? php

echo “hello”;


File extension is .php


It is a general purpose high-level language designed by Guido Van Rossum in 1980.It is easy to learn.It is very popular nowadays.It can be used for web development, mobile game development, mobile apps development, cloud computing, data analytics.

It uses indentation which eliminates need of curly brackets and colon


  • It is well documented
  • can be used game development which is different from other languages
  • easier to learn than c and c++
  • The code is short compared to other languages


  • indentation is an issue sometimes people find irritating as the code does not work properly
  • slower than c and c++

Popular frameworks and popularity

  • very popular in current scenario
  • popular frameworks are Django, web2py, flask

Basic Syntax

print “hello”

File extension is .py

So which is the best language among these to learn and use?

There is no specific answer to this question because it depends on what you want to do and how can you do it efficiently

In my opinion, if web development is first priority then PHP should be first priority

For test automation and scripting python and Perl is popular

You should learn all these languages and use them based on the situation and need

Beginners can start with python as it is easier to learn later on they can learn PHP and Perl

Basic logic for all programming language is same only syntax differs and if you have learned any one programming language it is easier to shift into the other languages.


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