Computer Memory?


Memory is Just like human brain it is used to store data and instruction. Computer memory is a storage space in the computer where data is to be processed and instructions required for processing are stored.

Types of computer memory

  • Main Memory- Main memory-Main memory is fast, it has Limited capacity and data is lost when power is switched off.
  • Secondary memory-It is an external memory and non-volatile in nature it is slower than main memory and used for storing data permanently.It is present even if power is switched off.

Units of memory

A computer stores and process data in the form of binary numbers.A binary is either a 0(off voltage) or 1(on voltage) and is known as bit(short form of binary digit)

4 bits=1 nibble

8 bits=1 byte

1024 bytes=1 kilobyte(KB)

1024 KB=1 megabyte(MB)

1024 MB=1 gigabyte(GB)

1024 GB=1 Terabyte(TB)

1024 TB=1 petabyte(PB)

Parts of main memory

RAM-Random access memory

  • It is volatile memory i.e it only last till computer is powered on
  • All programmers embed their programs in RAM
  • It is fast than secondary storage
  • It is temporary

ROM-Read only memory 

  • Data stored in ROM is not erased even if power is switched off
  • It is permanent and nonvolatile
  • The data in ROM can’t be changed by user as it is embedded inside the processor
  • Programs related to operating system are stored in ROM
  • It is used to tell the computer how to load the operating system when it is switched on or rebooted

CACHEThis memory I have explained in deep in my previous post you can visit by clicking on                    the link 

Parts of secondary memory

Magnetic media

Hard drive

  • Used to store large amount of data and stores data in one or more circular magnetic disks
  • Permanent storage
  • rewritable and erasable
  • slower than RAM and ROM
  • Usually fixed inside the computer

Optical media

Compact disk

  • Can be used to store information and can’t be used to store data
  • have low storage space

Flash Memories/drives

  • Pendrive and SD card are flash memories
  • have a large storage capacity
  • smaller in size
  • most use memory today
  • easily to carry



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